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Lilly P.

Liza Price

Lilly P.

Veterinary Assistant

As a veterinary assistant, Lilly brings a wealth of compassion, technical expertise, and a genuine love for animals to Riverside Vet. She works closely with our veterinarians, assisting in various procedures, examinations, and treatments including digital radiographs and her favorite – oral health assessments, all while maintaining the highest standards of care and safety. She graduated with honors from Greenville Technical College with an Associate degree in the Veterinary Assistant program in 2019.

With a keen eye for detail and a nurturing nature, Lilly ensures that our patients receive the comfort, attention, and support they need during their visits. She also helps educate pet owners on proper care and offers guidance on preventive measures to promote long-term health and well-being.

Lilly’s compassion and empathy are evident in every interaction with our patients and their owners. She strives to create a calming and comforting atmosphere, ensuring that both pets and their families feel at ease during their visits.

Lilly has two Boston Terriers – a 3-year-old named Maggie, and a 5-year-old named Hank. She also has an 8-year-old mixed breed named Darryl. Lilly loves Mexican food, kayaking, going to the lake, and spending time with her family.