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Megan M.

Liza Price

Megan M.

Veterinary Assistant/Client Liaison

Megan stands at the heart of our veterinary clinic, serving as both a vital Client Liaison and a skilled Veterinary Assistant. With 15 years of comprehensive experience in animal care and client services, Megan’s role is multifaceted and integral to the smooth functioning of our clinic.

In her capacity as a Client Liaison, Megan excels in connecting with pet parents, understanding their concerns, and making sure they receive the support, education, and care their pets need. She is the welcoming face that greets pet owners, answers queries, and ensures a seamless experience for both clients and their furry companions. Megan’s expertise extends to managing client communications, appointments, and addressing various needs to foster a positive and caring environment within the clinic.

As a Veterinary Assistant, Megan’s hands-on role involves providing crucial support to our veterinarians and the broader care team. She actively participates in medical procedures, assists in examinations, and ensures the well-being of animals during their stay at the clinic. Megan’s role is not just administrative; it’s a dynamic engagement with the health and happiness of our patients.

Megan loves animals at the clinic and at home. She has a goofy and playful Golden Retriever named Kevin, and Winnie, a rescued and affectionate dilute tortoiseshell cat.

When she’s not caring for Greer’s furry friends, Megan loves reading, traveling, sailing, snorkeling, and home décor and projects! She’s a self-described foodie and wine lover. Her family was the 2022 Ambassador Family for March of Dimes and she is very involved in non-profit work. You’re in good hands with Megan.