Drop-off and Same Day Appointments Available!

Doctor Consultation

Vet Consultations give us an opportunity to evaluate your dog or cat’s general health and well-being. They also give us the opportunity to discuss specific symptoms or injuries you may have noticed in your pet.

dog looking through the window

Doctor Consultations

During the consultation, an experienced vet or vet tech will ask you for any information that may be useful, like changes in your pet’s behavior or eating habits. If you are concerned about any aspect of your pet’s activity or possible symptoms they are showing, please share this with a member of the vet care team!

If you have registered your pet with Riverside Vet, we will consider their medical records and history, including upcoming vaccinations or required medication. Our vet care team will then thoroughly examine your pet, highlighting any areas of concern.

If further treatments are required, our vets and vet techs will suggest the best way to move forward. This may include medication, x-rays, referral to a specialized clinic, or ongoing treatments such as physiotherapy. We will keep you informed of the different options available to you every step of the way.