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Pet Wellness & Preventative Care

At Riverside Vet, we consider annual wellness visits essential to your pet’s happiness and health. Preventive care is vital for the wellbeing of your pet.

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Pet Wellness Exams

A wellness exam may also be called a “check-up” or “routine exam.” Our veterinary care team recognizes that prevention is the key to good health and a long, happy life. These preventative care visits are regularly scheduled with the same veterinarian. This allows our expert care team to really get to know your pet so they can watch for changes in their health and well-being. Small changes may indicate more concerning underlying issues.

At Riverside Vet, our veterinary team will look over your pet’s medical history, perform a complete physical examination, and discuss any present issues to help identify potential concerns before they become significant health problems.

We want your pets to be living their best lives in optimal health. We suggest making sure your dog or cat is seen by a veterinary professional at least once a year.

Pet Preventative Care

Pets can enjoy longer and healthier lives now thanks to the incredible advancements in medicine and vaccinations over the past few decades. Vaccinations have helped to practically eradicate some common diseases and have protected millions of cats and dogs from harmful illnesses. Even though vaccination campaigns have been very effective, there are regrettably still numerous diseases that pose a severe hazard to dogs and cats. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle and exposure risk, our doctors will recommend vaccinations at yearly exams.