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Pet Spay and Neuter

We provide skilled spaying and neutering at Riverside Vet. Below, you can read more about the significance of spaying or neutering your pet.

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Benefits of Spaying

A female cat, in its natural state, could have numerous heat cycles annually. Two times a year, intact female dogs typically go into heat. A cat can have dozens of litters of kittens during her life since she becomes fertile well before the age of one.

Having a dog spayed makes her less inclined to roam wild. Spaying a cat or dog lowers the likelihood that she may develop uterine, ovarian, and mammary gland cancer, in addition to reducing the litter of puppies and kittens that might not find a home.

Benefits of Neutering

When they have not yet been neutered, both dogs and cats are capable of acting aggressively and roaming. Unneutered animals will also spray urine to mark their territory. Not only is this smell very offensive, but it can be challenging to get rid of as well. The risk of testicular or prostate cancer in male pets declines significantly after neutering.